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I think the point here is whether he is using the M3 a street car or track car. Second the speed limit is 60mph, I don't think the average car owner is to concerned about the marginal differnce between 19" & 20" wheels for a street car.

One is awhere that the ride becomes a little harsher with 20" wheels and that track drivers tend to own a track set of wheels anyway.

Everyone here owns a M3, either a red one, blue one, white one, black one etc, so I like to change the wheels on mine so it stands out from everyone elses.

Whether the M3 has 18" or 20" on the track would not make much difference in my case as I am not a professional driver, I could drive on both sets of wheels and do the same times, if worst came to worst put a race exhaust system on the M3 with 20" wheels and it will make up the difference.

I like 20", I say go for it, a don't break the speed limit.

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