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Originally Posted by AZE92M3 View Post
Try and follow my logic and math posted above if you want an answer to your first question. I don't necessarily think that 20's will perform better except that I can't see why they shouldn't from what I stated above. I don't even necessarily disagree with the sidewall argument except that there are cars much faster than my E92 M3 that run 20's stock or use sidewalls that are lower profile.
OK, don't think just because another car which happens to come standard with a larger diameter rim and thinner sidewall means the same will be true for the M3 because it won't. The M3's suspension was designed to use 18" as standard and the 19" are probably just inside to window of both comfort and performance but to move up in size with no doubt compromise on both.

Originally Posted by AZE92M3 View Post
I'm about to purchase a new set of rims and I'm curious why everyone seems to agree that 20's perform worse because they're heavier when in my example they clearly are not. No matter what I decide to do I'm keeping my stock 19's for track work. On the track I completely agree that function takes precedent over form. You don't have to look pretty as long as you get the job done. On the street, however, I would argue that form "could" take precedent over function since you shouldn't be taking the car or the tires to the limit of their abilities. Racing is for the track.

Once again, I'm not sold on 20's nor do I firmly believe that they will perform better OR worse than 19's. I'm simply trying to answer a question that has been bothering me.
I am not wanting to put you off buying the wheels you have set your heart on, only wanting to know why bigger is better. It's things I have never got my head around. I'm a kind of function over form kind of a guy and prefer a perfect performance/balance/comfort combination above anything else. Maybe the roads I drive on are of a much worse quality to most of the US and probably the ones you drive on.