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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
WARNING - Critical Thread Failure! Abort! Abort!

- Its no GT500 (already poited out)
- Even with a perfect RT (assuming its a .500 light) the M3 would have still lost
- Both drivers sucked
- There's no proof that the times at the end are real
Assuming the times are real, the poorly driven M3 lost by about ten car lengths. If the driver had been as awake as the Mustang driver off the line, the difference would've been about 7 car lengths in favor of the Ford.

And again, reaction times in no way affect your ET or speed. They just tend to have an effect on who wins and who loses. It's who crosses the finish line first that determines the win, regardless of ETs and speeds.

As mentioned, this is silliness, proving nothing. A properly driven Mustang GT should be about a second (ten car lengths) slower than a properly driven M3.