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Hopefully you've been giving it a ton of consideration.

In today's professional world, especially if you are intending a career in PR, looks count and most people today have an ill-conceived perception of people with tattoos (and excessive piercings, for that matter). With that said, many people regret getting particular tattoos as they become self-conscious during the 5/7 days of work each week, forcing them to cover the tattoos at all times.

My woman has a tribal band she got when she was a brash kid back in the days and now is currently getting it laser-removed. Getting the damn thing off costs 10X the cost of putting it on! She has to wear long-sleeved attire daily to work and she hates it - she normally dresses with flair but this limits her greatly.

Same thing with my big bro - he has this huge abstract tat on his forearm and because of this he has to wear dress shirts daily. I suppose he may not oppose wearing dress shirts daily for work but even if he goes out on a company picnic he'd still cover that up.

Also, it's going to be amusing to observe how his grandkids will react to his tat in the later years. Imagine you having a tattoo on your pristine wedding pictures. With piercings.
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