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Originally Posted by ///Mantis View Post
I will be in NYC next month for about a week. a part of it is business, but im there mostly for pleasure. I NY

NYC only, nowhere outside Manhattan

I've already been, and im familiar with China town and little Italy, so im good there, but i want to try something i havent tried there before

I would like advice on the following:
- best clubs/lounges
- best middle eastern food (if there's a arabic/middle eastern area) like falafel, shawerma, etc
- Best touristy stuff
- Funniest bestest broadway show
- if there are authentic omakase style sushi. i plan on going to Nobu, but i can use a few more sushi places
- Best hole-in-wall restaurants of any ethnicity, just bomb food.

You guys are welcome to suggest other things if you feel like i'd be missing out big time if i didnt go to.

thanks fellas!!!
Try the Marquee, that's a pretty nice night club with fantastic service!