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Who is insured?

I am essentially a novice driver having attended two BMW skills days, and 3 lapping days at the local track. At first I wasn't too concerned about the insurance issue, but in my 3 track days 3 cars have gone off the track. Two of these, a new Z4M and a Dodge Viper were totalled, and a Suburu WRX was badly damaged.

Since I am now driving a farily expensive car I am getting a little nervous. My insurance carrier clearly rules out coverage, and I am considering switching to one with language more friendly though with 5 cars being insured, two young drivers, and a signficant umbrella I have not found one yet that is in the same price range.

I will probably take out insurance offered on for the event I am attending next week, and then try to get this all sorted out.
Just curious about what more experienced drivers are doing.
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