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Originally Posted by m3rxn View Post
trust me..they're @ the drawing board.;
They certainly are, only problem is they just got there M3 while European tunners got their's late last year, but they will come around. It'll probably be early next year and probably considerably less expensive than $40K and IMO will make a tad over 510, after that perhaps a system with low compression pistons and rods to make around 580-630 hp. Problem with using forced induction in a high compression chamber is that you can't run much boost unless you change the internals.

In fact, G-Power offers 3 super-charged tuning stages. If you don't change your engine internals, they must run lower boost of around 0.35 BAR, install an air-to-air intercooler and piping, ECU and exhuast to get about 525bhp DIN and 368 lb-ft. This makes total sense to me and is probably more less the area where you could expect other FI kits to be in terms of performance.

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