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Originally Posted by HammerM3 View Post
but I guess my main concern is wear, what about that? and does the dealer give you crap for changing brakes so often?
My front stock pads were changed out after about 2.5 hours of running during the 1st day and had about 50% left and I changed them before the next trackday.The next day I did was in the rain on a much harder braking circuit and I used about 30% of the pad life in about an hour of running in the pouring rain.The yellow pagids that I have run in the past,used to last about 4 hours on this track in the dry as a reference point.The rears still have about 50% left after these 2 days.I will probally use the pagids next year for track days.I run with all the traction & stability aids turned off all the time on track.

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