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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
TBone, that was an awesome read. Sounds like a great time!

Few things:

- How come no M3 coupes? How come no Z4 M coupes?
- Did you actually drive M-DCT M3s there too, or were you just extrapolating the SMG experience in the M5/M6 to M-DCT? I think it was just 6MT, right? It makes me wonder if the reason they don't have M-DCT M3s there is because of the issues people have been reporting at the track?
- Interesting comments on the MDM vs. DSC off. I wonder if you would have been able to actually get better time if you had DSC off?

They regularly swap out cars and this time they had 6MT E90 M3s. Z4M is end of life so we won't see them again.

No MDCT M3s there. I wouldn't view it as BMW trying to hide any problems, they just regularly get different cars.

There is speculation that they will phase out all 6MT from this program since very few people can heel-n-toe.

Most definitely I would have been faster with DSC off

Originally Posted by spectrumphoto View Post
Hey T-Bone... how was the Pre-Req regular M school if I may ask?? I would need a refresher school before doing the advanced I think. (Im too used to the tight SCCA type stuff right now to go full bore an a big boy track)
The regular M school was good, you stay at the Spartanburg facility. Much more theory and less seat time.

You can go to Advanced M school if you have M school experience or accredited racing experience. I have both but 500 hp 4000 lb cars weren't around when I was racing so no matter what the background, the program is good for alot of fun. I read that you have Solo2 experience? You will definitely be able to use your car control skills but you will need to get use to the speed (everybody does )
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