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a sheet of steel has the same structural rigidity from all angles. Carbon fiber however can be made to be more rigid when applying pressure from a certain angle based on the weaves of the carbon fiber. Its hard to crush a soda can vertically but its easy from the sides. Short of a crash in performance terms your never going to apply pressure on the roof from front to back, so they might've sacrificed some strength in that to make it more rigid from side to side ( its a bit more complicated than that the structure of a car tends to twist when going through a corner because when braking weight goes to the front so the fronts heavier and more planted, and of course the lsd is going to send more power to the outside wheel and probably a million other complicated things i dont understand.) That should be the basics of it, I'm no engineer, but no doubt the actual affect on the car is insignificant, but that's the point of these performance cars. Build every little part to the best of their abilities, 299 hp vs. 300, lets go for the 300. Save 2 lbs? sure. Shave the carpet in a gt3 rs to save a few ounces? why not. they all eventually add up as sayemthree said.