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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
It appear to affect almost all the M3s there.....using new pads + rotors, all BMW stock.

After a hot run, a couple of us asked about the high speed vibrations and vibrations under braking and they said, it appears to be a problem with the M3, the rotors warp easier than the rotors from the M5 / M6.
The rotors are not warping. It's just the stock pads melting onto the rotors, and it goes away after about 3 weeks of normal driving. This happened to me 3 times now after track days, and the vibration went away with time in each case.

Now we know why BMW put track pads on that initial press session in Spain in 2007. Clearly, they didn't want this to happen with the journalists. I'm getting track pads soon to avoid this.