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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
Oh, one other question, what did the other MDCT owners have to say about driving it on the track? Obviously, we all know about the downshifting issue, no need to repeat those comments.

Did you get any pad transfer and thus vibration from the front rotors?

I used the same technique for downshifting...after turn in and before the apex. It worked ok, but it certainly is a compromise.
We all thought M-DCT was amazing, shifts were seamless, and you could just nail it every time at 8,000 rpm or whatever point you picked. Instead of hanging out in a gear that could be too high or too low for what comes next, you can instantly change the gear.

I did not have any vibration from the rotors, one of the other guys had one front rotor that had some vibration (we swapped the front tires and spun the rotors to see if it was warpage or deposits, he's taking it to dealer to check it out).
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