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Who needs to lose weight? Let's start a thread for motivation/advice/help.

Anyways, I was searching the forward and didn't find much. This other forum I'm part of has the same type of thread, so it's a good idea to keep each other motivated. It may be losing weight/building muscle/or just keeping in shape, but I find having someone to talk to during the day/keeping a journal really helps. And of course, with the population on this forum, comes knowledgeable people to different area's of health. Me, myself am always looking to learn more about the human body and the way it works. I could say in the last two months, I came very interested into health & the body.

Anyways, that was just an intro to see who is really looking to shed some pounds and get in shape during the winter for the beach season.. (ex-spring brk/next summer/watever reason you may have *insert here).

A little story about me, I'll start...

I started at the weight of 235. I am currently 202. I started my diet about 1 month and half ago, roughly 6 weeks also. I was just sick of all the bad foods I was eating, after roughly a few years. My goal is around 165-170, then I want to start building muscle.

I tried a few times prior to losing weight, I tried a lot of bullshit companies such as jenny craig and all that stuff. It didn't seem to work, because for one, I'm a picky eater and was getting tired of eating the same t.v. dinner over and over again, boring in other words! I stated to simplify fall off.

My diet is 7 days a week, unless I go out to eat on a fri/sat with the girlfriend. If I do eat a little bit over, I hop right back on in the morning to keep things going strong. I have dieted a few times in the past and always said if I go out to eat, I would get back on right in the morning, and believe it or not, I didn't. At that time I didn't have good self control. Everything about losing weight, so far from what I figured is in our mind. The mind is a very strong tool to us, but sometimes can work against us, we just have to fight it back.

Anyways, before my diet I was eating 2200+ cal. a day, crazy right? I know.

As of now, I try to eat 1500 a day. Sometimes a tad over, but usually always under.

Wake up: 7am-small breakfast 300 cal.

11am- Snack of 100 - usually a nice protein bar of some sort. Has all three basic groups.

1pm-Lunch a nice lunch of 400 cal.. usally 2 oz of meet on toasted wheat bread. or if u need a slice of cheeze and 1 oz of meet.

4pm-snack again of 100 - usually popcorn of some sort/100 cal pack, but you have to watch because those are high in salts.

7pm-dinner- 500 cal, I eye/weigh most of my stuff to make sure I'm eating right. I was weighing most of my stuff the first week to get a feel of how big I could eat, so in case I went out I would know what to do.

8 or 9pm- snack 100 - IF NEEDED.

It's easy to remember, 300,400,500 and 100's in between for snacks. = 1500.

I try to avoid the snack after 7 because I had a problem of eating a lot after I ate dinner, this has been working great for me, so this thread will be very helpful for me as a motivational source.

Exercise, I try to get in 3-4 days a week of cardio for now. I do some minor chest/arms/legs but not to much since I don't want to build muscle yet.

Thanks for the thread, I wish you guys the best!!! Well I hope I'm not alone here, but I hope you guys can share some stories.