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Well a New 1200mi Service Issue

So, I finally got my 1200 mi service done today and here is an interesting story.

I picked up my car from my dealership (not naming names as I want to give them a chance to make it right and it could be just a fluke) at about 6:30 this eve and had to run to the office to drop some stuff off. It was about a 10-15 minute drive to the office. No problems... But then I got back into the car to head home, another 10-15 minutes away. Right before I got on the freeway my Low Oil indicator goes off and starts freaking out.

Long story short, I b-line it back to the dealership, stopping once to cycle the system just to see if it was an error. I get there, figuring that service was going to be closed, but ready to just talk to a manager, any manager. Lucky me, the service director and shop foreman were there late finishing up (it was 7:30pm by this time). The shop foreman grabs a quart of oil and puts it in... But wait, my car needs more. Yep, I ended up being 2 Quarts short in my car having just come out of the 1200 mi service.

I can't believe my car was serviced and came up short 2 Quarts and no one noticed. So, there's my little aggravation from my 1200mi service today.