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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
What is the story with the these Pagids? Streetable or no? Loud and squeeky when cold? Any idea on how bad they dust? I.e. just a track only pad? Going for fronts and rears? Cost? Still considering OEM BMW track pads?
Pagid RS19's on the street:

Noise: Think school bus on steroids. Really noisy once they're bedded in and well used.
Dust: not bad, really.
Modulation: My wife refuses to drive the car with them on. Nose-bleed inducing if someone cuts you off and you tag the pedal in a hurry. Phenomenal at speed when hot.
Cost: $800 for both axles. I would NOT mix them with anything else.
Rotors: you need factory rotors with part numbers ending with "38x" where "x" is 5, 6, 7 or 8 depending on which corner you look at. You can see the numbers stamped into the rotor centers by looking through the wheels.

Other notes: the rears work really hard on the track if you don't turn DSC to M-dynamic mode.

OEM sport pads are hard to get and expensive. I priced them at $1500 in Canada, "not available" in the USA.