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VIR Track Report, 3 M-DCT cars at HPDE

There were 3 M-DCT cars at VIR this past weekend. One in the instructor group, one in A group, and one in D group.

The car is really strong, really easy to drive fast, and everything held up great for the weekend.

The car just keeps going and going, there was a vette and a couple of gt2/3s in our group that would slowly pull away from me, but not much else. The speedo showed 145-150, but my performance box only registered 140 or so on the front and back straights.

Tires: I brought TRMotorsports 18x9 with 265-35-18 BFGoodrich gForce R1s on all 4 corners. The wore well, handled great, and I'd definitely recommend them. I ran w/o spacers all around, and also kept them around 42 psi hot. Front left had more wear on the shoulder, so I let it run a few psi higher and rotated them on Sunday morning.

Brakes: Stock and Brake Fluid: Stock, There was some fade compared to my 330i with hawk ht-10 brake pads, so I'm waiting for the new PF-06's to be out in 2 months or so.

The oil temp rose to about 250 or so during the 20 minute run sessions, with 93 to 96 degree ambient. It would cool down to 210 after a leisure trip around the paddock.

Oil consumption: didn't move the electronic dipstick during the weekend
Fuel consumption: not that good, but at least the track had plenty of premium gas at $4.55, hurricane Ike caused shortages at gas stations across north carolina and virginia over the weekend.

I ran in M-Dynamic mode, didn't want to go DSC off for my first time with the car. It intevenes about 3 times each lap, but not enough to stop the fun.

M-DCT downshift issue: Yes
All 3 of us experienced the "I just don't want to shift" issue. So I'd finish braking, and as soon as I started my turn-in, I'd click click click from 6th to 3rd and start to roll into the throttle before the apex. Hope they can fix that via software.

Added a couple of pictures
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