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Honestly I have been lurking awhile while thinking of trading my 07 335 for a 08 M3.
But a bunch of guys who dont seem to track like ArtPE and m3Kevin have stated there is no way M3 brakes could cook? Art stated it was a physical impossibility. So how could have Icemans brakes could have "cooked" on the first day? it seems as though that M3 guys dont track as much as they would like to think they do.
Iceman my research has pointed out that at the very minimum you need new pads and fluid. The best solution would be a complete brake package.
the main problem is that a inferior fluid is it boils and completely fools the ABS into over braking. It doesnt help that the M3 has a cheap brake package that speeds up heating of the rotors the calipers and then fluid.