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Originally Posted by e46e92love View Post
Yeah, by I would rather spend 30-40K on a stroker engine from Dinan than a FI mod from anyone, because at least the stroker kit isn't redefining the engine. This engine was never intended for FI.....
This is a tough call. I agree the engine was not made for FI and personally, since I am going with a stoker engine, I like that option better since there is actually about a 16kg weight reduction and you get at least 520+ bhp plus at least 400 feet pounds of torque. The balance of the car therefore remains 100% the same with maybe a small improvement same throttle response etc…, etc. FI on the other hand will gain 16kg (probably more but don’t know) although 640 bhp will easily overcome that weight gain with slightly deteriorated throttle response and probably some deterioration in balace but the huge advantage of not losing 1% of your power for every 100 meters you gain in altitude (more like 0.4% loss for FI engines) so that when in the Alps, Mexico City, Colorado, etc… or whatever mountains you are in, you will experience a much lesser loss of power. For the track, probably NA stoker is better if there are lots of curbs and FI if there are less curbs or long straights.