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Originally Posted by BMW-M-Mexico View Post
Thanks for the info.

Well, they are in San Diego, that's a big plus for me. There web site seems serious enough but am rather curious as to why the ECU reflash for the E90s 335 yields only 286hp , even if this is whp, it seems awfully low to me. Same for the 330 at about 230hp with reflash.

Nothing on the M regarding SC, suppose I'll have to call them up.
ESS has been doing FI for BMW's since 1995. They have done business in Europe mostly over the years so most of North America has yet to get familiar with them. They do all of their own software tuning. The software listed on the web site is stage one. It is a conservative tune that will be relesed at an attractive price point. You will see a stage two and most likely a stage three for the 335 very soon. The E92 M3 software is being released now and the SC is in development so there is no official info being released on the SC at this time.

If you have any other questions feel free to PM me