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Originally Posted by Motorsport View Post
Agreed, we could maybe meet mid-week when there are less people coming to the promenade from other areas, it gets really crazy on the streets for the weekend, also the parking lots are filled to capacity, takes a half hour to park.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, I just parked my car on 2nd and went on to meet my bro on 3rd when I spotted a fuss being made around a restaurant on SM blvd between the streets, I was in a hurry and kind of pushing people around to get to where I wanted to be and then I looked over and saw Paris Hilton talking some of her usual BS on the sidewalk and that's why everyone was gathering around. Just thought it was hilarious to see such stupidity.
Yeah I also saw Paris Hilton in SM earlier today.. Tons of Paparazzi taking pics of her behind the wheel of her Blue Bentley Continental GT Vert outside some restaurant on SM Blvd between 2nd and 3rd. Drove right past her and revved the engine, made her look.

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