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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
They have a more reputable name in my opinion, I have friends who have lowered everything from Honda Civics to 997 TT on H&R Springs. And never had an issue with them. Its just personal preference I suppose.

I assume he is saying that because it is less of a drop, therefore it will be "easier" on ride quality and shock life. But honestly, Im not worried. and the H&Rs aren't so low anyways! So Eibach would be too high for my liking.
Both Eibach and H&R have a lot of racing credentials.

I have read a lot of reviews from M5 members with the Eibach Pro-kits. They say they feel no difference at all in ride quality. I had H&R's on a 3-series a few years back. It felt a little bouncy at times. I see why you like the H&R's, by looking at your screen name.