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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
They have a more reputable name in my opinion, I have friends who have lowered everything from Honda Civics to 997 TT on H&R Springs. And never had an issue with them. Its just personal preference I suppose.

I assume he is saying that because it is less of a drop, therefore it will be "easier" on ride quality and shock life. But honestly, Im not worried. and the H&Rs aren't so low anyways! So Eibach would be too high for my liking.
For me the quality of H&R vs Eibach is marginal. Both make a quality product. Eibach do make some lower priced products, because they want to I suspect.

I see no reason why the Eibach will necessarily be softer or harder simply because they are marginally higher when fitted than H&R's. An assumption here me thinks

As for shock wear this is a misnoma IMO. A stiffer spring will restrict the wheel from moving so dramatically under bump for example. This means the damper will move LESS not more. The damper settings are not changed unless you change the EDC settings. I see no reason for any changes in shock wear at all with stiffer springs.