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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Nice car Big Windy. Since no one has mentioned it (I don't think) do you notice a big difference with the window switches moved backward? I think that happend on both the sedan and the coupe, right? Or was it just the sedan? Either way I guess you'd need to compare to a 2008 to give a good opinion on this.
window switches aren't any different for me...i think it was sedan only. i don't notice any difference from my 07 335i.

Originally Posted by HFR View Post
Congrats! Enjoy it!

One thing makes me confused, how can the odometer be at 0?
Doesn't all new fabricated cars go thru a testtrack at the factory before delivery?
I haven't seen a single new car with at least a copule of km on the odo.
i was surprised myself. i think that it probably has .8 miles on it or something and they just reset the trip meter to zero so that it would be all zeros. i know that they had to power it up to drive it to where it was at the dealership. i think pure zero is impossible.