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Originally Posted by Reedomn View Post
taking a corner sideways to the next straight....(not like trying to exit the Mons Venus parking lot..haha, saw your sig.)
While no expert at this (I'M NOT LIABLE FOR WHATEVER YOU DO TO YOURSELF OR YOUR CAR) the general idea is as soon as you get the wheels spinning, its all about rpm control + steering. Too high rpm's and you will spin out and embarrass yourself too little and your wheels will get traction and toss you in whatever direction your facing (much like a bike high siding except the car wont buck you off). Tons of practice on a beater maybe is a good idea. Don't go out and do something like that with your M if you are not 100% confident with the vehicle. I know I wouldn't in my M. Go to a school. I'm sure there are some schools that have these HUGE parking lots that teach you these sort of things.