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Originally Posted by seriousm3 View Post
No it doesnt... its a thin sheet of CF glued to the roof of the car... it provides no structural rigidity vs. a steel piece. The rigidity comes from the steel bows running across the roof.

The cf roof is simply there for lightness and looks.
You may be wrong. If the CFRP roof didn't take any loads, BMW wouldn't have built a completely seperate facility to attch the roof to the spaceframe.
Also, here is the source:

"It's a big challenge for us to really get the [CFRP roof] adhesive right, and that means we have to control the bonding process very very tight. We have to make sure that the temperature is always in the right tolerances, that humitity is in the right tolerances, and that all the facilities are always working to perfect conditions. Because that is very very important for the stiffness of the car".
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