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Originally Posted by chris719 View Post
I ran Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3's on my G35 last winter and I plan to do the same on my M Roadster (yes, I'm crazy) this winter.

I'm sure they are not as good in the snow as, say, a Blizzak LM60, but they are awesome tires in the wet/dry/freezing temps. I could greatly exceed the speed limit with good noise levels and zero vibration or stability concerns. Grip on the dry was good despite downsizing to 225 in the rear.

Ben, do you have any idea how the PA3 compares with the LM25 and the Dunlop M3?
PA3 is in a similar category to the LM25 and Dunlop. All are designed to balance performance and winter capability, which seems perfect for the driving you describe.

The LM25 has the most aggressive tread. This will help in deep snow, but make them the least sporty. I ran these for several winters, and was very pleased with them. They are now due for replacement after 3 winters.

The Michelin has a new Helio compound, that uses sunflower oil rather than petroleum in the compound. This is supposed to help traction on wet or slushy conditions, as well as ice and snow. It is very new, with only limited availability last winter. We may get a chance to test it, if not I may run a set to see what they are like. Very good customer reviews so far. Michelin winter tires usually empasize handling and responsiveness more than Bridgestone.

The Dunlop is an excellent balance of handling and winter traction, and has been very popular for BMW's. I would say it falls between the Bridgestone and the Michelin in it's balance of handling and winter traction.

Hope that is helpful. I think any of the 3 will do well.
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