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A few tips...

Originally Posted by michaeldorian View Post
So any updates on anyone getting below MSRP M3's? I'm thinking about trading in my RS4 for a E92 DCT. Any straight shooting dealers or sales persons you guys can recommend? The DCT would just be so much more usable on a daily bases.
1) You have a great trade-in so don't budge on what you want for it.
2) Bring $10k in traveler's checks in $500 increments - they don't wanna play, add another $500... I know a salesman at Bellevue BMW very well and he has told me that, while they don't have as much wiggle room as they did with the E46, they ARE making a profit on the E9x's.**
3) If they are dicks, walk

That being said, ping Joe or David Ly (sp?) at BMW Bellevue. Both great salesmen and very honest.

**He only told me this because I bluntly told him that most likely, I will never have one