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Originally Posted by Mack211 View Post
What kind of times would this put down at a track?
We don't know. It has enough power to run 9's if the tires and suspension were dialed.

Originally Posted by Saturn
Your kit is stunning. It looks for all intents and purposes like it's bone stock, and you clearly took a great deal of time to make everything integrate both mechanically and electronically with factory components. Very impressive. I can't wait to see what you have in store for the E92.

Originally Posted by James************
Dang, that's amazing. What psi does it run at?
Stage 3 runs 15psi on pump gas and 23psi on pump+methanol or race fuel. Methanol is automatically detected when used and there's a keyed switch on the steering column for when you put race fuel in the tank.

Originally Posted by cowmoo32
Holy shit. That drive-by at the end is ridiculous. He accelerates so fast....

How much longer before you make one for the E92? Hahah
It will probably be a couple years before we get to the E92. That will be a fun car to do however.

We're adding in speed based boost control as well as our own traction control to the stage 3 and 4 beasts.

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