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i wonder why BMW removed numeric oil sensor from the M5! it's basically the same sensor, but there is a number that read " 1.0L" when full.....then as it drops it goes to "0.9L" .....and so on till it hits "0.0L"

on the M3 it's the same, minus the number which were useful.

btw, my oil senor has a mind of it's own, every time i drive it keeps re-calculating the oil level (clock icon), then it settles.....i drive around, turn off the car when i get to the mall(for example), then as soon as i turn it off it re-calculate again, and when it usually does that the oil bar is empty.

what's the deal?

the iDrive oil level indicator is full since i just got my car back from break-in service. which is more accurate? shouldn't both read the same?