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Wash your car every week. Wax once a month or so. You can wax more often if you want too but it won't really be necessary. Of course it depends on the type of wax you use as well. Claybar once every few months. I read somewhere that twice a year would be sufficient for a typical daily driver.

I'm not sure if I want to get into polishing yet. Since polishing seems to be the most abrasive step towards your clear coat I think I'll hold off on this step and just wash, clay, and wax for now. Maybe after a car is multiple years old I may start polishing but I definately need to read more about the different types of polish and how to tell how abrasive a particular polish I come across is.

I agree about Zaino products having their own deal going on. They don't seem to sell straight up wax either. More just polishing products.