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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
Wouldn't that require Tony Romo to win a playoff game first?
"He hasn't won a playoff game yet but he's only played in two of them. I compare him a lot right now with where he's at to where Peyton Manning was a few years ago. Peyton came into his first three seasons and made the playoffs and did not win a playoff game. Someone had asked me about Peyton and I said, 'You know, not only do I think Peyton will win a Super Bowl but he will win multiple Super Bowls.' And I think the same is true for Tony Romo." - Troy Aikman (

everyone can give romo shit for not winning in two playoff games, but that's all BS anyway. the first game against the seahawks, he was in a situation he really shouldn't have been in. bledsoe's lame ass wouldn't hold kicks for his "backup." not only that, but midway through that season if you had told me that the cowboys would have made the wild card, i would have been really surprised. bledsoe was a lame duck and if it wasn't for romo taking over when he did, that season would have been another season out of the playoffs to begin with. last year, as much as i hate the giants, they went on to win the super bowl. i find solace in getting beat by the super bowl winning team, especially because they're from my division and they beat the patriots. nfc east is the best division in football and we have historically always had a super bowl contender every year for ages. after spygate and a whole year of hearing about how awesome the patriots are all the time on sports radio and television (not to mention tom brady and randy moss talking all kinds of shit about how "dude, sweet" they are), its a sweet victory for the entire rest of the league.

i just don't see how anyone can hate tony romo. i hate tom brady, but i'll admit he's a damn good quarterback. i think romo hatred is the same thing. the guy was an undrafted free agent that spent the first 3 years of his career sitting on the bench, not to mention almost getting cut if quincy carter () hadn't have got caught smokin the reefer. now look at him. people seem to like tom brady generally more than romo, but wasn't tom brady in almost the exact same position romo was in? backing up bledsoe until bledsoe got hurt. yes, brady has rings and all that...but he didn't get them until his third year as a starter. i'm not guaranteeing romo a super bowl win this year, but i think he's in the right state of mind vs. the previous years and aligned with history to have a very very good year. i sure do hope he'll win a super bowl!