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Originally Posted by Jlevi SW View Post
Please check your facts. Vorsteiner carbon fiber components are made of Dry Vacuum Formed Carbon Fiber. They are also 100% made in the US.

We find that it is better to sell your product based on it's own merits.... Especially when we don't have the facts about competing products... and if a customer posts his opinion, well... that's his opinion.

Best of luck with the sales! I've heard that the Ericsson stuff is top quality!

Hello JL

We were not addressing Vorsteiner directly, just majority of the carbon products produced.

Since whole “Dry/Wet CF” is very misleading, I just wanted to let customer knows about the differences between Pre-Preg CF vs other CF products.

Not many customers are aware of cause of the price difference between CF parts, and we just want to let customer know what they are paying for.

We also own our own vacuum infused CF factory for our own GTM products, so we were NOT talking down anything about vacuum infused CF products.

I also think Vorsteiner products are very excellent in quality and pricing.