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Originally Posted by GTM View Post
It's more like apples and oranges.
You can't really compare wet CF(or Vacuum-infused CF) vs pre-preg dry cf products.

Maybe both products have similar "Carbon Fiber" appearance, but one is for just the looks, one is for pure weight saving with super precision quaility.

The pre-preg dry CF is what all F-1, Aerospace, other high-end manufacturer uses to produce to meet its strength and weight requirements.

The tooling fee to use Auto-Clave(Pressurized/high temp Clave) is extremely expensive and the facility is very rare to find.

It's just pointless to compare wet CF products(or Vacuum-infused CF) to pre-preg dry CF.

Let us know if you have any questions about more info on the products.
Please check your facts. Vorsteiner carbon fiber components are made of Dry Vacuum Formed Carbon Fiber. They are also 100% made in the US.

We find that it is better to sell your product based on it's own merits.... Especially when we don't have the facts about competing products... and if a customer posts his opinion, well... that's his opinion.

Best of luck with the sales! I've heard that the Ericsson stuff is top quality!