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Originally Posted by mr2quick View Post
Hello. My name is Rob. I'm 20 yrs old and will be selling my car soon. So I'm in the market for a m3. Nothing to crazy, Maybe an 03-04. . I"m moving to California from N.Y.C and my car will not pass there harsh inspection laws. I own 93 toyota mr2 turbo putting about 345 to the wheels. I know i know its a import and what not. Ricer and all. but i can asure you my car was no ricer. i'v always had repsect for all kinds of car . Euro, Amaerican, and import. This time I'm going to be gooing euro. Just looking for some info on the car hopefully you guys/girls may be able to help me out with. I'm am not new to the bmw world.My sister owns a 650, her b/f owns a 745 so I know about them and how they handle, But with the m3 its a little different so im trying to learn.

First-what kind of packges are their and whats included.
Second-going rate for a used m3 03-04 with around 50k or a little higher.
Third- would the warrenty still be honered by bmw with a new owner under the name.
fourth- what are some of the problems I can look for in an m3. to replace before they break on me.
fith- are their alot of mods for the m3. to boost up bhp.
and any other info you think i should know before jumping the gun.
thanx in advance


Wow, bunch of questions so i'll try to answer the ones I know for sure.

Going rate on one really varies anywhere from 25-35k depending on color, condition, miles. (check ebay)

Warranty is transferrable and you can always buy an exteneded warranty too I believe.

As far as mod, you've came to the right place. Theres tons of stuff offered so you would need to check out some of the vendors on here and just read up and what they have to offer for the E46 m3. Also check Dinans website, their a big bmw performance store.

Good luck

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