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Hey Guys,
I am the guy that started this thread. I have been away from the computer for a couple of days and am surprised at all the comments. I can't respond to all of them but can break it down into the two categories:
1) To the people who think I am being a douche--
I was just upset that at no time did they offer me money back on the $220.00 difference. I felt their "solution" was unfair. They were offering me accessories, but not even the full amount. They offered the price of the mats subtracted from $220.00. My point is, what the hell do the mats have to do with the $220.00 bucks. Swarmy in my opinion. I am no longer upset and obviously I am not going to sue anyone over this. Just venting on the day I found this out. Although, if I did sue it would be a hassle for them, not me. I would be pro se, they would would have to send a hired lawyer.
2) To the people who understood where I was coming from--
It was all about the principle of the matter. I paid 77k and made them a ton of money. I could give a shit about the $220.00, but I was upset how it was handled. Totally surprised at the number of responses though! Going back to enjoying my car!