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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
When I went into my dealership I made sure I knew the exact amount I was going to end up paying, including all the extra little things like registration, tax, etc. I had it all written out and compared it to the amounts the finance manager quoted me. The only discrepancy I had was on the registration paid to the state, and I told them it was wrong before I signed the paperwork. After my registration paperwork came back from the state with the proper amount it turns out the dealership over charged me $22. I called them and they sent me the check without any questions. As it should be.

The dealership is making enough money as it is, they shouldn't try to nickel and dime people.
I totally agreed. When my dealer charged me the wrong MF based on our verbal agreement, I felt they were very dishonest and have to resolve to this kind of tactic. I gave them benefit of doubt and write up a nice email and asked them to make it right. It was only $5 per month for total of $180. No big deal when we are talking about $70k car, but i believe my emotional stress costs more than that.

They redo my contract and made it right...and I would give them good referral.

Ask them to make it "Right"...