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Fellas, Mats are oldest delievery missed item ever.

Dealers are dealers, the Mats in Australia are around $300 to $400 here, the M3 e93 DTC Convertible optioned up is around $209,000 onroad.

If you ask for mats its charged, if you get a discount on the price of the car it's fine, but the price of the mats is in there on the invoice, if you forget about the mats and ask for them afterwards sometimes you get them and sometimes you have to pay extra for them.

The secret is when dealing with BMW on new cars choose wisely, in Australia most of the BMW's don't come standard with mats.

If you haven't done the deal with mats to start with correctly and it's not on the contract why would you demand them for free. I never take the word of a salesperson unless he writes it on the contract.

You have to draw the line somewhere, you don't even get the iPod cable here, its an extra, the M3 comes with USB and the iPod leather holder but you don't get the iPod cable! You cannot demand, you can ask, and if they give them to you its great or 10% off its fine too, but why would you want to burn your dealer over a couple hundred dollars.

Your cars are in the $70k bracket ours the $200k bracket and we don't get mats for free, there got to be in that invoice somewhere.

The deal is the deal and I bet that tank full of fuel you get has been allocated to that car as well. Do you honestly think that when you get your car seviced you get the car wash for free that costing is built into your service.

Have you ever said don't wash the car and they discount the service by $50.00. Every car has allocated a wash fee built into the service fee, who do you think is paying for the cleaners & cleaning chemicals at the dealership. Why do you think you pay a dealer delievery fee.

So why would you honestly think you are going to get mats for free, they are never free, you just don't known how much you have really paid for them.

Oh, here are are some free mats & I filled the tank up for free as well. Fuel is charged in there somewhere and if you failed to ask for mats at contract time they will charge you, or invoice the car the mats but they never are for free.

You see why the dealers get tough on this, mats are the most commonest thing asked for at delievery time because the purchaser forget to order them at contract time. Have you not notice how they jump at you when you say "where are my free mats" or "where are the mats" or "I thought they it came with mats", Like hell you did, you just forgot to order them and now your just about to make a fool of yourself.

And that bottle of FREE champers and those FREE caps, the FREE umbrella that you think are in the boot, when get home are not there.

And then you go home and tell all your friend and get on this forum and say "that F***ken dealer would'nt give me any FREE mats.

Well I am writing this with a glass of champers in one hand, a BMW cap on and the umbrella is sitting in the corner,----------------Cheers everyone

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