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I know this site tends to take the side of our members, but I like playing devil's advocate. Am I the only one that doesn't think the dealership did anything wrong? BMW added cost on to those options without the knowledge of the buyer or the dealer when the original deal was made. These added costs are not meant to be absorbed by the dealer but by the consumer. They simply passed them on to the customer. I ordered my car when they were still making 08s and based the pricing on that. Should I expect the dealer to swallow the $1000 price increase on the 09s? No because that wasn't part of the deal. If you had some special clause they agreed to that said any price increases from the time this deal is made to when you get your car will be absorbed by the dealer than you would have good reason to be upset. It isn't like the dealer magically added $220 in there to screw you.
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