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I couldn't agree more, it's F(*ked up a dealer tries to weasel another couple hundred $ off a guy that just payed $77K for a car. Unless it was all up front that you have to pay the extra bucks for some rugs, it should not be a "hidden" agenda after the fact. I know my dealer layed it all out and anything extra is extra ontop. Hell, I had to pay an extra $1200 for the stupid UK spec headlights that I'm only going to use for 3 years until I head back to the States. But the dealer backs it up with they'll reinstall for free when it's shipped back as it's a Military sales dealer branch. Kinda nice but what a waste. The dam headlights look about the same and it could have gone just fine without but it's another way for them to make money here. What was I going to do? Not buy an M3 that I'm getting for $15,000 less than in the States over some headlights?