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Now I don't know if this is the whole story, but I'll just comment on what has been posted. One thing I love is how its become so common these days to make someone feel like sh*t for standing up up for himself in a world thats controlled by big business. That dealership wipes their a$$ with $220. They made 30 times that amount on THAT sale. I wouldn't care if it was $20, that dealership could take a $200 loss, easier than most of us. Now I wouldn't go to court over it, because its not worth the hastle, but I would never give them my business again, and make it very public how they treat full price paying customers. They agreed to something, and tried to make it better by getting him to buy some more BMW accessories. Some think he's being baby for making a situation out of this, but tough customers are the reason we get the best products. Word of mouth is still the main driver of business, and by choosing to take your business elsewhere, and spreading the word of how they treat a person that just spent $70k is our weapon. Most of these guys might tell you just to take it in @$$ over $200, but if everyone did that, we'd be paying $70k for a Honda Civic. But hey, at least it would be an Si model!