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Originally Posted by Arsenal View Post
Hello, I recently picked up my E92 M3 which has 1600 miles, once in awhile the rpms will bounce up and down, especially with the AC on. Is that a problem? Anything I should worry about? It goes from 1000RPM to 1300RPM and down. Thanks for any input.
Originally Posted by sg///M3 View Post
Not to thread-jack, but anyone else notice that when you turn the steering wheel while idling (stationary) the idle speed changes as well? I'm assuming that the power steering is putting some load on the engine?
It is normal. The a/c compressor uses a lot of power and so does the power steering. Therefore, when you are at idle, any power that you exert on the engine must me compensated for otherwise, your engine will stall. That's why sometime when your a/c is full blast and your are idling, your car might shut off.