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Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
I've just read through this entire thread and I have to say I believe Brad in his claims for the pulleys.

For a well respected tuner such EvoSport to come on here and defend themselves like this takes balls and he is obviously not giving out BS. All responses are well structured and all make perfect sense.

Reputation is everything and I doubt Evosport are going to sacrifice their reputation by falsely marketing a product which is only a few hundred dollars.

Infact, I am going to import a set of pulley into the UK and independantly test them on my Dyno Dynamics machine.....on which I get very repeatable results. I will point out that we are not an EvoSport dealer and probably never will be due to certain exclusivity deals over here in the UK which unfortunately don't make selling EvoSport products financially viable.

A stock M3 makes 410-411 bhp on my dyno.

If this product makes X bhp in the USA on a dynojet it's going to make it here in the UK on a Dyno Dynamics under fully controlled conditions.

If anyone in the UK is reading this and would like to put themselves forward please contact us.

Brad....I'll be in touch.
The authenticity of Evosport's published dyno results are not in question, but their accuracy are. On a more accurate setup (Dynopack chassis dyno), a member was only able to see only 7 hp gains at the hubs although the low end torque gains look good.