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Bad Dealership story

Need to vent so here is my story. I ordered my M3 in December. Gave 1k down and a contract for MSRP. Around March I spec my car out and get a sheet with the MSRP of the coupe plus the option prices. Around May I email my CA and tell him to order me the M3 mats. On June 27th I pick up my M and see that they charged me for the mats. Mind you, I wrote a check for the full amount. I tell my CA who promptly comes back and does the "aw shucks, of course the mats are on us". Here's where it gets fun. After a couple of weeks I notice that I paid the new prices for the options rather than the original prices that I have on the price list from March. The difference is $220.00. I start e-mailing my CA, and we go back and forth. Finally, today I get an email saying that they will give me a $120.00 accessories credit since the mats that they gave me cost $100.00. I was fuming. I sent them an email saying that if I don't get my full $220.00 I would never step foot in the dealership for cars or service, would drop a call to BMWNA and, being a lawyer, would consider a small claims lawsuit. I may be overeacting, but F-it, I honored my end of the original deal and I find it BS that they are treating me this way. The "charging" me for the mats ex-post facto really pissed me off. Anyway, thanks for reading the long post and allowing me to vent. Love my M3 though...