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Drives: 2012 740Li (F02) Loaded!
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Current mileage: 2331
Miles 'till next service: 14000
Approx miles @ next service: 16,331
Driving style (mild / aggressive): 80/20
Driving split (highway / city): 90/10
Avg MPG to-date: 17.5

Also, I think I'm going to stick with the scheduled maintenance. If BMW says my oil gets changed every 15K miles, then that's what I'm doing. Did the same thing with my E46. Service intervals were in 15K increments (including oil changes)... sold it with over 100K on the odometer and had absolutely NO problems with the engine whatsoever throughout my 4.5 years of ownership. The car was literally in for service once every eight months or so. It was an extremely reliable car, and I'm hoping my new M3 behaves the same.

Past: 2004 E46 330ci Convertible
Present: 2008 E93 M3
Present: 2012 740Li (F02) M-Sport (European Delivery)