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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Thanks for those vids, BMM. The guy in Supra was really good. He's the only one that was doing heel-toe as I think of it. The rally driver was good too, for what he had to work with (was that an old Ford Pinto, lol?). The guy in the CGT was doing what I usually end up doing which is just rolling my foot a little rather than using my heel. Kinda sucks. That's a big reason I am considering M-DCT. I want to be able to downshift and brake quickly without worrying my foot will slip off the brake pedal and send me careening into a guy waiting in the left turn lane (or oncoming traffic!).
All these techniques have the same end result, I us my feet like the guy in the CGT and have grown accustomed to this method. More because it is the one I was taught by my instructor who is an active Champ Car race driver and have mastered it. But I suggest you us whatever makes you feel more natural & comfortable. And yes, if you screw up you will run into the guy in front no doubt , but heel-and-toe in my view is to be used only during very aggressive driving where there is adequate space etc... so that I hardly think there would be a car in a stop light ahead of me lol!! And yes, I also agree this would be a huge reason to get M-DKT, you would avoid all this crap altogether. I however believe that if you master the technique you will actually have more control than with an M-DKT and more fun, this is ONLY my opinion however.