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Originally Posted by ArtPE View Post
facts are facts:

KKK = repubs
neo-nazis = repub
tim mcvie = repub
david duke = repub

Robert Byrd -- an actual Memeber of the KKK (the proud DIMocrat Senator)
Jackson, Sharpton, Louie Farakhan -- known (and admitted) racists (all DIMS)
Black Panther Party --- ALL DIMocrats
The Nation of Islam --- ALL DIMocrats


Typical pantywaisted pu$$ies ARE and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN liberals. Just go to a bar and see what they are drinking (cosmos, "fruity" drinks, coffee liquer crap, etc.)........and those ridiculous eurotrash clothes. I love laughing at your ilk.

Anti American -- the Pubs? LOL you should try standup. Your boys and girls running congress the last two years (led by two of the three stooges Nancy Piglosi and Harry "Warbucks" Reid) have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.....except let gas priced rise to all time highs.....oh yeah, and garner an 18% approval rating. Now that's funny.
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