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Tenerife & Valencia, Spain Photo Shoot

Hi -

Been a while since I've been on e90Post.
Wanted to do a little show & tell of a shoot a crew and I recently did in Tenerife and Valencia, Spain.

Shoot was done for Lincoln vehicles (new 2010 MKZ and upcoming 2010 MKT) and we used a Roundabout (similar to a Spheron camera, but faster) to create domes. We then place a CG vehicle in the middle that takes in shadows and reflections of the environment and a user can spin it around.

Check out the new Lincoln MKS for example.

Anyhoo, here are a couple shots. Architecture by Santiago Calatrava - absolutely beautiful structures. Shots by my little Lumix point and shoot, the pro stuff being shot with Nikons, Canons and Hasselblads for backplates and the Roundabout all for the website.

Enjoy. Nice to be back.
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