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There is a counter until your next service located where the odometer is usually. When you first start the car, you will see it. I just had my 1200 mile done and it says 14000 miles to service. I have no idea if this takes in to account how I HAVE drivne the car already, or if it "resets" to the default 15000 mile inciment. It will be interesting to see if it adjusts itself at all.

I don't think anybody has 15000 miles on their car yet, but it would be interesting to see what the "counter" says on the higher mileage cars....if it is still about at the 15000 mile mark, or has adjusted at all...also be good to know each reporting persons driving behavior to look for any correlation. Hell...might as well start now.

I will go first


Current Mileage (odo): 1,200
Mileage to next service (as indicated upon startup): 14,000
Approx Mileage at next service: 15,000
Driving style (mellow/aggressive): 70/30
Average MPG: 15.5

Reply and fill in for your car...let's see if there is any correlation to driving style and indicated service. MPG should be a decent indicator of driving style.
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