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Originally Posted by kt3130 View Post
All //Ms accelerate very smoothly and linearly, not what I would call brutal at all, this makes their speed very deceptive. They dont shove you into your seat, they gradually push you back. I felt my moderately stock STI accelerated more brutally than an M6, doesn’t mean it was faster. Also, you have to take into account the passenger seat syndrome; everything feels faster, more brutal, scary when you are the passenger.
+1 Good description. Coming from a GT3, I am used to (what I would call) brutal acceleration. The M3 is NEARLY as fast as the GT3, but it does not "feel" like it. One reason is the M is much you don't get the herky jerky viceral feeling of acceleration, but the M is damn fast.
Also, all the insulation/sound deadening dampens the "feel" of acceleration.

I would not call the M's accel brutal, but as the posted above said, it is deceptively fast.
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