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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
sfbimmer: Nice video, I can't wait to get my R compound tires. The PS2s on my car took a beating at the 3 day track event.

I've been to Laguna Seca twice as a spectator for an IndyCar race (Mario Andretti's last IndyCar race) and for AMA Superbikes, however I never got to drive the track.

Three questions: Going into turn 2 at the end of the front stretch it looked as if you were going in narrow (not far right), it doesn't seem like that would be the fastest line, however I'm guessing it probably is; is there a reason going into turn 2 from the middle of the track is preferred. Serious question, not being critical.

Second question, the last corner before the front stretch it sounds like you were using 2nd gear, were you using 2nd gear anywhere else, like the top of the corkscrew?

Last question, did you notice the dct upshift shifting delay to effect you in any way, I personally didn't find it to be any factor in my 3 day school I just completed. I was able to use the shift lights in my perifial vision to determine shift points for upshifting without having to even look directly at the tach. What technique did you use?
Hi skierman64,

you are correct about turn 2 - I took the non ideal line thru there everytime...I will have an instructor with me this Friday at Laguna and post videos - hopefully with the correct line - early next week

I used second gear at turn 11 and turn 8 (top of the corkscrew)

upshift delay? what upshift delay I got so used to the sound the engine makes that I hit the upshift points dead on 99% of the time and the shift lights in my peripheral vision also helped - the real issue is the downshift, as discussed before...can't wait for the update, which according to my service manager should be available mid September
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